But Gaby Jesus perfectly they fit what Pep

But Gaby Jesus perfectly they fit what Pep surely mentioned in private conversation with Aguero. In addition to the amazing art, great vision of the field and a powerful kick with both feet, the Brazilian prodigy distinguished universalism - in the "Palmeiras", he flew on the wings of the two attacks, and even auditioned for the position of the APL. Aguero also, with all due respect to him, his career playing the position of center forward. Brazilian Argentine often tries to fulfill the urgent transmission and more gets on his feet as a result of the speed multiplied by the magic treatment culture with the ball. 1486226072_kerj_zenit.jpg Certainly not the last role in the decision to sell Aguero, Guardiola plays lack the proper motivation striker. Premier League Kun has already won more than once, but in the Champions League "City" is not yet in a position to aim a blow at all desire. Gabriel Jesus is ready to absorb the philosophy of Pep in his DNA, as for the sake of it and came to the cold (in his words) Manchester. In prohibiting wifi Guardiola not zabaluesh if your agent - not Selyuk. Gabi is not going to. "I realize that I had the unique opportunity, but I do not lose my head. It just so I raised, I do not like showing off and not going to change. "

Jesus-savior. History of Man, who will return the "Manchester City" in the title gonku

In Instagrame forward to find pictures steep wheelbarrows, doroguschih hours or elite clubs. But family and friends, with whom he shared his childhood in a Brazilian street, appearing with an enviable constancy. The young man just wants to play football, which truly loves and believes his vocation, as well as to make the lives of their loved ones better. Gaby thanks to God for the chance and is not afraid of submarines realities.

"In England ...- I play hard? I have since childhood playing with those who were older, bigger and stronger than me. I always struggle on the field, I like to act aggressively in the attack, and will continue to do so here. You'll see. ... "

It seems that after these words the English football public can prepare to witness again "Manchester City" among the nominees for the title of best team of the country.

Wayne Rooney broke the record of Bobby Charlton and will score more. Timothy Yatsenko talks about how to achieve this success.

Wayne Rooney is the best striker "MJ" in the history of the most experienced outfield player in the team, the most stable sniper "devils", the most dangerous player in the Premier League on the road, the top scorer of England. That does not match the record. That's today's meeting against the "Hull City" can become a 31-year-old striker Anniversary: ​​in case of victory, "Manchester United" it will be the 200th for Rooney as part mankuniantsev on "Old Trafford".

So, how to become a striker, to score in the opponents' goal net ball after ball, and at the same time becoming a victim of its universality, and not allowed to drain to the bottom of the seemingly bottomless well of talent?

Early move to a top club

The champion Wayne. How to become as cool as Runi. Foto: Official site of "Manchester United"

To break the record of Thierry Henry in the "Arsenal" (228 goals), you will need as soon as possible to join the "Gunners" and consistently score. Wayne Rooney was able to convince the public of his immense talent, when he has not even turned 19 - and in 2004, the "Manchester United" fork out 37 million euros to carry the young genius at "Old Trafford".