Gabriel Jesus will be a very important player for the "City"

Gabriel Jesus will be a very important player for the "City", but he needs time to adapt. He showed what I was capable of, within 10 minutes of the match in the game against "Tottenham" - admires the young Brazilian of his great compatriot Roberto Carlos. ... "

Guardiola is also enthusiastic about the Zhezusa, noting separately passed from the "Palmeiras" striker after the match with the "West Ham":

"...- This is a fighter with a sense of goal, which is also good, and in the programs. Today, in front we had three players, whose average age is 20 years. These players - the future of "Manchester City" .... "


How many future football stars, Gaby has romped to three years with a ball on Brazilian streets. Paul was the area for Zhezusa Jardim Peri in northern Sao Paulo. "From the games in the street with my older children could tear one only - broadcast of the match with Ronaldinho - Gaby confessed in an interview with Brazilian media. In the big club he was only 15. Playing for the "Anangueru" in the Junior Cup, Sao Paulo, Jesus captivated scouts 'Palmeiras' his football magic. The club would like to get Gabriel so that spat dozayavok to close the window. From the first games for the junior team of Gaby began to argue that the "Palmeiras" knowingly went on an adventure with his transfer. In his debut season, Gaby nastrelyal 54 goals in 48 matches. A couple of years ago, "green-white" were on the brink of relegation, the club and the fans have written a petition to be included in the extravaganza in the youth team Zhezusa. Still, the boy just installed an eternal record of the youth championship in Brazil - 37 goals in 22 matches. The team was saved, and Jesus soon led "Palmeiras" to victory in Serie A for the first time in 22 years.

Last summer for the Olympic champion (along with Jesus pulled Neymar Brazil to the gold medal at the Olympics) lined up in several rows from the top clubs. "Bavaria", "Inter", "Real", "Barcelona" - all of these football mastodons were eager to take to itself Gaby, but he chose the "Manchester City". Sheikh Mansour has allocated from its wide pocket 32 ​​million euros to buy the "new Ronaldo". Leaving the "Palmeiras", the player wept with fans. But they understood it, because he went in the best league of the world to one of the best coaches in the world.

"...- The decision to transfer in the" City "was made by me, my family and my agent - and it was not the best offer from a financial point of view - pootkrovennichat Brazilian prodigy. - I can not deny it: the opportunity to work with Guardiola helped me with the decision. He is an excellent coach, one of the best in the world. And I just can not describe how proud I was when he said about me good words. I am proud that he liked my style of play. Now I need to prove that his opinion of me is true .... "

Jesus-savior. History of Man, who will return the "Manchester City" in the title gonku

"City" fever. Having struck early in the season his agility now "citizens" have surprised his helplessness. Intermediate fifth place in the Premier League even forcing Guardiola to doubt that it is good enough for the "Manchester City" guide. Through waterfall memes, jokes and gifok about Pepa and leaked news of a possible departure from the team of its main instigators - Sergio Aguero. According to the ubiquitous English media, Guardiola has even managed to talk to him about Argentina's future in the team tete-a-tete. Despite the impressive performance player, steering "citizens" Aguero dissatisfied attitude to business and worrying about his trauma. In addition, Guardiola does not see the 10 of the "MS" in their schemes.