It was a game against "Tottenham"

It was a game against "Tottenham" and "Leeds" conceded with the score 1: 0. Graham decided to replace the striker to a defender. It Yeboah had not to his liking, and he ran with all his strength in the T-shirt of his mentor.

More for "Leeds" he did not play. "Yeboah lacks enough work ethic to get into the team," - diplomatically said Graham.

Giorgio Chinaglia ( "the New York Cosmos") 1486199354_miranchuk_1.jpg

In 1976, the Americans surprised the arrival order of the ocean former national team player and hero of Italy "Lazio" Kinali. All were happy, but soon discovered that with European stars it's not so simple: Kinalya darling of the public has never been, and Italy and he did leave because of the many threats from fans of other teams. In New York, all too went wrong from the start.

"Kinalya said during his vacation in 1975 and said he wanted to join us. It is - or it will simply buy their franchise - says the then President Toye, who once called the player "netreniruemym".

"It's true - I netreniruemy. I just know more than these idiots coaches "- confirmed Kinalya.

One way or another, helped the Italian team he played in the US for seven years alongside Pele, Carlos Alberto and Franz Beckenbauer, a total of writing in the active 397 balls. "I have a trailer - that is, when I do its job, the ball at the gate."

In 1983 he hung up his boots, and became president of the "Lazio", then inherited a 60% stake "Cosmos", which, however, in 1986, has declared bankruptcy. In 2014 the legendary team, it was decided to return, and the T-shirt with the number 9 has been permanently assigned to the Wit-Italian.

January 22, 2017. "Manchester City" has just led to the principal matches the "Tottenham" in two goals, but the "spur" suddenly and very quickly restored parity. There were no judicial notorious miscalculations, but more on that later. Starts 83 minutes of the game, and so desirable in connection with the protracted crisis game victory persistently escapes from the hands of Pep. Guardiola still do not make shifts in the composition, it beckons to his young novice team with the number 33 on the shirt.

Jesus-savior. History of Man, who will return the "Manchester City" in the title gonku

The kid looks worried, but focused. This is the first match of the best football player in Brazil and the Olympic champion Gabriela Zhezusa in the "Manchester City". His access to the field became precisely that injection frantic zeal to snatch victory that Pep wanted to enter the wards. "City" raced forward, creating several right moment, and even scored. However, because of offside.

"...- For me it was very important to get out on the field today, feel the confidence of the partners and a trainer. Unfortunately, in the episode with the goal I was offside. I began to celebrate, although the whole stadium was silent. However, the dream has come true - I made my debut in the Premier League - said after the match, Gabi, who was the author of the very goals will not count .... "

For some eight minutes, the boy has created two things for yourself and one for the partners, causing one third of the opposing team attacks for the entire game. Less than a week for the first time Gaby goes into startup "citizens" in the FA Cup match against the "Crystal Palace", holds the full 90 minutes and gives esthetic scoring pass. Yesterday, 19-year-old boy came out from the first minutes on the field in the championship game against the "West Ham", and became the first player who scored a goal and made an assist in his first game in the starting lineup, "Manchester City". Jesus breaks into English football like a fireball, which is marked as a legend of Brazilian football, and Pep Guardiola.