Broos changed the atmosphere around Cameroon and thinks about retirement

It would be the weakest Cameroonian selection in the history of the African Cup, led 64letým Hugo Broos with success solely from domestic Belgian league. Instead, the invincible lions in Gabon pushed their way to the finals, where today zabojují about the lost glories of Egypt with a similarly tuned ...

Broos was in a position appointed coach of Cameroon almost exactly a year ago, in February, 2016, without having figured in the original list of prime candidates five- Cameroonian Association. He himself, after all, never any national team did not.

"When I was in Cameroon arrived, everything was negative, certainly due to my person as a coach. On my first press conference was asked by journalists: 'You have before me now three matches, two against South Africa and one from Mauritania - what happens Although all lose? ' "recalls Broos.

Belgian coach had answered the question of what would happen if the contrary, all won. And then he named his first nomination, wrote about her for a change as a set of "sick men". Hard work began, there could be no doubt.

"The first thing I did was that I changed part of the squad and it caused great scandal. In my first nomination was for 30 per cent of players over the age of thirty years," says Broos, as he had from the very beginning to build such a young team, which is presented here in Gabon. Siani with Moukandjem are the only members of the solid foundation over 26 years.

For most of September while Cameroon 21leté two faces: Seville Bs goalkeeper Fabrice Ondo, which was released last year Barcelona, ​​and right winger Christian Bassogog that even in August 2015, he worked in the fourth American competition's best Wilmington Hammerheads.

"If you do me five months ago asked who Bassogog himself would like to ask, 'Who is it?'. I did not know him. As I said, turned, we whole team, actively looking for new players. It's easy to go on the internet and have a look Cameroonians, acting in Azerbaijan and who knows where else, "she says Broos.

"I have a few friends, former wards in Denmark, so I called them and asked them what Bassogog for the players. They say he's a young guy, great with the balloon at his feet. So in September, my assistant, packed up and went Denmark to watch him, "describes the process of scouting stars Aalborg quadruple best coach Jupiler League.

Broosův printed in bold success is the fact that his quest refused to join straight eight-known names, among which stands out the most Liverpool defender Joel Matip. He has a special position in the national team for a long time, so the coach himself does not count, that in the future stopper reconsider its position.