Montpellier HSC - AS Saint-Étienne 2:1

Montpellier also in the assembly defender Pokorny turned unfavorable developments against Saint-Etienne and celebrates the victory of 2: 1st Home got off with a county match in trouble, but at the beginning of the second period settled and eventually scored the winning goal. Much helped them to the exclusion of the guest Jorginho.

Montpellier input into the match was not optimal, guests get into the lead after just twelve minutes, when a pair of home stoperská noticed nabíhajícího Monnet-Paquet, who right from the first bend povedeným overcame Pionnier. Domestic tried to quickly settle a good chance they saw in 22.minutě, penetration before wicket failed to follow through and shot Sességnona was much abortive. Also he fired wide Ryad Boudebouz and the first half ended the leadership of Saint-Etienne 1: 0th

Domestic nothing to wait and after changing sides prepared a first substitution. This in turn eventually led to the settlement and the right 49.minutě. Mbenza missed pass under him to free Paul Lasneho and he leveled at 1: 1st It was not the only disaster that guests at the beginning of the second half affected. Only two minutes after equalizing goal hanged himself at his opponent Jorginho and the judges rewarded him with a second yellow card. Saint-Etienne and began hard times.

Montpellier suddenly took the initiative and it was a matter of time before he can take advantage of power play and rip leadership on his side. Mouniému it still failed, in the way she stood goalpost, but 68.minutě he could celebrate with his teammates. It was a similar situation with the crucial difference that this time Mounia headed precisely into the net.

Saint-Etienne was in a difficult position, but did not give up and four minutes before the end he had a promising opportunity Hamoui, however, ended the ball near the goal posts. Anyway Montpellier settlement and did not make at home celebrating an important victory.